5 Ways to Drink More Water Daily

5 Ways to Drink More Water Daily

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We are now going into the 3rd week of January, how is everyone doing on your beauty resolutions? Have you cheated on the new diet or skipped out on the gym yet? Often, we over promise and underdeliver for our new years’ resolutions because we set the bar unattainably high. What if I told you that drinking more water is one of the best-kept beauty and weight loss secrets?  Water makes you feel full, so you overindulge less. It can improve the appearance of dry and dull skin and it aids in nail and hair growth. Those are only a few of the benefits, but most importantly, it’s good for you. You need to keep your body correctly hydrated. It sounds simple, but it can be difficult. So, we thought we would bring you some helpful tips on how to get the best out of drinking more water, but in a more motivational way. Enjoy!

1. Let Others Motivate You

Do you like a challenge? Are you competitive? Get your friends and coworkers to do a water challenge. Let them hold you accountable for your lack of water intake! At Probelle, we do a water challenge once a week to see who can finish the most water bottles in one day! It’s fun and encouraging, especially for those of us who hate to lose. The winner gets bragging rights and the bathroom for the rest of the day (Just kidding)!


2. Spice it Up!

Do you hate drinking water? Some people find it very dull or distasteful. A fun way to more into drinking it is by spicing it up! Add some fruits to it. Berries are excellent antioxidants, and they add a little extra oomph to your water’s flavor. Cucumber and oranges add a refreshing twist to it. Is the idea of slurping up fruits in your water an unappetizing one to you? There are plenty of water bottles you can find online with catches in them. They’re specifically designed to help make sure none of the elements from the fruit, aside from the taste, get into your water. So, you won’t be slurping down a piece of that lemon peel or that watermelon seed.

3. Find the Right Size and Material

Do you prefer drinking water at room temperature or do you like it better if it’s ice cold? I know if I don’t drink it ice cold, I’ll drink less of it. Room temperature water just doesn’t taste as good to me. To fix this, I purchased a temperature-controlled water bottle. There are many out there. Again, it needs to be the right size for the drinker. Do you live in a city or a suburb? Do you have a car or do you take the subway? If you rely more on public transport, you might want to consider getting something that fits in your bag and isn’t heavy. That way, it won’t be a burden to carry around during your morning commute. Your risk of losing it will also be lower.


4. Set a Reminder

Do you have a smartphone? Get familiar with the apps on your phone. The iPhone alarm and notification apps are great ways to remind yourself throughout the day to drink more water. I like to use the notification app on my iPhone for this and many more daily tasks. It’s a digital checklist. If you’re a list maker or you don’t have a smartphone, write it down so you can check it off later. If you sit at a desk, use a sticky note to remind yourself throughout the day. Be sure to place it somewhere in eyesight so you won’t forget. Your laptops keyboard is a convenient place for it, or if you work on a desktop, your computer screen is a prominent place for it.


5. Listen to your body

Does your skin look dull? Are your lips dry? Are the veins on your hands protruding more than usual today? Is your urine a bright or dark yellow color? It’s time to drink more water. Our bodies are works of art. They are designed to speak to us. Chances are, if you’re dehydrated, your body will show some signs in hopes that you will notice and drink more water. We’re like plants, we all need to be watered! (LOL).


There you have it! In 2019, we are going to drink more water and stay hydrated! So, listen to your body, set reminders to make it easier to remember, do it with a friend, find the perfect water bottle, and give your water a little extra flavor with some fruits! At Probelle, we’re all about Healthifying Your Beauty and beauty starts with YOU! Thank you for being a part of our Family!
The Probelle Team
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