FAQ | General Questions

Do you have a brick-and-mortar store? No. We sell online and in select retailers.

Where can I buy your products? We sell our products on Amazon.com and our website, Pro-belle.com. We also have a list of retailers.  You can locate a retailer near you using our “Retailers” tab on our menu bar of our website.

Is it safe to use Probelle’s products while I’m pregnant or nursing? Yes.

If I have an existing medical condition is it safe to use Probelle’s products? Yes. Although our products and their ingredients are safe, we are not physicians. We strongly suggest that any potential customer of ours who is taking additional prescription medications consult with a medical professional prior to using our products.

Does Probelle test on animals? No.

What products have been discontinued? We discontinued a lot of our nail tools as well as our nail polish colors. Some of them are still available on Amazon.com, but if you do not see it on our website then it has been discontinued.

FAQ | Antifungal Collection

Are your products all natural? Some of our products are all natural. Our entire Antifungal collection is 100% natural, and we also incorporate natural ingredients to many of our other products.

How do I know if I have nail fungus or athletes foots? Athletes foot can be treated topically without a prescription. You may experience burning or itchy skin and peeling skin. If not taken care of, it can lead to nail toenail fungus or fingernail fungus. Nail fungus grows in the nail bed. It can turn the nail brownish or yellow colors. It can cause your nail to split and crumble, get thicker, or even separate from the skin. If you are unsure of your condition, it is wise to consult with a podiatrist or medical professional to get an accurate diagnosis.

Why should I try topical solution instead of other methods? There is no straightforward answer to this question.  Topical solutions are the best alternative instead of taking prescribed medicines. Prescribed medicines have side effects like liver damage, and although medicines tend to be successful, in many cases they are not. Our antifungal line was created for people searching for an all-natural, safe alternative solution to more harsh methods offered by doctors. Probelle’s antifungal line is easy to use and does not have any adverse side effects. Our patented formula guarantees a stronger application and nail penetration that restores nails affected by fungus using a thick formula. The formula is made to relieve discomfort and itchiness, reduce nail thickness, eliminate discoloration, and restore healthy nails.

Is it safe to use Probelle’s Antifungal line while I’m pregnant or nursing? Yes

If I have an existing medical condition is it safe to use Probelle’s Antifungal Line? Yes.

More than likely, a person taking prescription medications will be perfectly safe also treating a nail fungal infection with Probelle’s antifungal products. However, we are not physicians and strongly suggest that any potential customer of ours who is taking additional prescription medications consult with a medical professional prior to beginning treatment with our products.

I have sensitive skin. Can I still buy the original Antifungal Aid – Foot & Body Cleansing Wash? You can still buy it and use it. We recommend diluting it if you have sensitive skin, but still want to purchase the original.

The antifungal products say they have coconut oil in them. Where is the coconut oil? Yes. Our fungal treatments have a unique natural ingredient, coconut oil based lauric esters. Lauric esters come from the meet of the coconut. These esters closely resemble the natural protective substances a healthy person’s body makes on its’ own using lauric fats from coconut oil, some other foods, or even breast milk as the raw material. These substances are an important part of innate systems that protect the skin and digestive system.

FAQ | Nail Care

Do you sell nail polish? Yes. They have been discontinued. You can still find some of them on Amazon.com. We focus on nail treatments now.

Do you have any formaldehyde free products? Yes. All nail care products are formaldehyde free except for Nail Hardener (Formula 1) and Nail Maintenance (Formula 2).

Is formaldehyde safe for you? Formaldehyde is an ingredient used to harden nails, and it is essentials in nail hardening. The dosage included in our nail hardeners is minimal so that it is not unsafe. We highlight the ingredient as users with sensitive skin may experience irritation or allergic reactions.

Why do I need to use a top coat and a base coat? What is the difference? The top coat protects the manicure and extends its life. The base coat protects the nail from the color polish. Base coats also create an adhesive base for the nail polish to last longer.

 FAQ | Foot Care

 Why is a foot file made from nickel better than one from metal?

Nickel is antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, and lasts longer than other metals. It doesn’t rust, and it is a safe tool that prevents skin damage. Ours is double-sided with coarse and medium sides, offering the ability to choose the amount of roughness you want.

Can I use my nickel foot file on wet or damp feet?

No. Only use the Nickel Foot File on dry feet.

Can I use my Advanced Total Foot Cream on other areas of my body?

Yes. It’s safe to use on any rough patches of skin that you want to soften. Use it on your elbows and knees. We advise keeping it away from the eyes. It’s external use only.

Can I use the Advanced Total Foot Cream while I’m pregnant or nursing? Yes.


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