Who is Probelle?

Probelle is a USA-based beauty brand that specializes in nail care, foot care, and natural fungal care products sold around the world. Our brand's mission is to offer a wide range of effective, clean, and sustainable products to meet the diverse needs of our customers, while "Healthifying Your Beauty." All Probelle products are cruelty-free and 10+Free from harmful ingredients.

Probelle has merged with Palladio Beauty Group, creating a global beauty company that includes renowned professional brands such as Palladio Botanical and Vitamin infused Cosmetics, Probelle Nail and Foot Treatments, and Prolana Nail Optimizer. The merger reinforces Palladio Beauty Group's strategic vision to expand its presence across all beauty categories and channels, creating a multi-brand global entity positioned for strong long-term growth.

The Probelle team remains committed to developing innovative products that align with their mission and values. With its clean and sustainable focus, Probelle is an excellent choice for those looking for high-quality nail care, foot care, and natural fungal care products.