Professional Guide to Use Pedicure Foot Files

Professional Guide to Use Pedicure Foot Files

Callus removers or pedicure foot files are used to remove thick and dry skin from the bottom of the foot to and make them appear healthier. When the dry skin is removed professionally, the upper layers of the skin become cleaner and allow more oxygen to pass through them. Foot filing is also used to improve blood circulation.

1. Benefits of Using a Foot File

If done professionally, the following benefits can be achieved after foot filing.

  • Foot filing improves blood circulation in the feet because it supplies more nutrients to the skin cells.
  • It is believed that professional foot filing can trigger pressure points on the feet.
  • Foot filing has been used for decades to make skin cleaner and radiant.
  • Regular and professional foot filing improves oxygen supply to the feet and makes the skin healthier. The self-repair process of skin also improves with foot filing.

2. When to Use Foot File

A few years ago, pedicure foot files were only used as an essential part of a pedicure, but since then things have changed. Foot files are also used for spa treatments and for regular skin glow. For pedicures, the foot file is either used when the feet are soaked in pedicure solution or after drying the soaked feet in the solution. This is differentiated as wet and dry filing. Dry filing can be more effective than wet filing.

Pedicure foot files are also used during different types of herbal and stone spa treatments for removing dead skin from pressure points on the feet. You can also do this at home. First, wash the feet and pat them dry with a towel. Gently rub a pedicure foot file on your feet. Then remove the excess dry skin with the help of a towel. Afterwards, apply foot moisturizing cream or baby lotion.

3. Professional Step by Step Keys to Use a Foot File

Follow the following steps to get professional results for glowing and refreshed skin after using pedicure foot files.

  • Start by completely drying the foot with a towel. Then hold the foot from the ankle and start from the heels. Rub the foot file a little harder in a back and forth motion.
  • Move to the center of the foot and rub the foot file in circular motions here. Then move back to the sides of the heels and rub them in a back and forth motion.
  • Now move to the toes and rub the outer side of thumb and pinky finger a little harder in back and forth motions. Rub the fingers in small circular motions.
  • Finally, rub the whole foot and clean the excess dry skin with a towel.
  • With proper and regular use of pedicure foot files, you can improve the health of your feet.
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