5 Ways to Elevate Your Beauty in 2019

5 Ways to Elevate Your Beauty in 2019


5 Ways to Elevate Your Beauty in 2019

Hey Probelle Family!
2018 was full of “Ah-ha” moments in beauty! We have seen many trends emerge from hemp-infused products to beauty brands taking the leap to become cruelty-free. What will 2019 bring? One thing is for sure, we need more ingredient awareness, less waste, and more companies willing to acknowledge their corporate social responsibilities. With the new year just around the corner, here are 5 ways to elevate your beauty in the new year. Enjoy!


1. Consider Au Natural Remedies

Do you suffer from a chronic condition? Some remedies aren't going to be suggested to you at a traditional doctor’s office. It's easy to turn to more aggressive treatments (and sometimes necessary) but knowing and considering a way to treat what ails you naturally is also essential. Often, more aggressive therapies will affect other parts of your body. Do your research to see if a more natural remedy is for you. At the very least, be aware if there is one. Options are everything.


2. Educate Yourself

Do your own research on everything - ingredients, trends, or any product that interests you before buying. Learn from a professional. Download apps and purchase books on how to read labels and what ingredients to avoid using on your skin. Our skin is our body's largest organ, know what you're putting on it.

3. Refuse, Reuse, & Repurpose

Ask yourself if you need that extra shopping bag to hold your new purchases or if you can just put them in your purse. A lot of us are taking the shopping bad a 

4. Know Your Skin

Get familiar with your skin and your body. Find out what works for you. Learn what your skin reacts to negatively and positively. See a healthcare professional if you have a hunch you might be allergic to certain ingredients and then avoid them.

5. Start from within

We always say we will eat better and exercise more in the new year. It's a typical new year’s resolution, but one worth anyone's while. The only way to glow from within is to work on your inner beauty. Mental and physical health are essential and show on our outward appearances. Be mindful of the thoughts you have about yourself. Are you speaking to yourself kindly? You only get one body, and it works hard for you, be kind to it. That includes your thoughts too. Consider a supplement or a daily multivitamin to supplement your new, healthier lifestyle.


There you have it! In 2019, we can elevate our beauty by considering natural options, educating ourselves, being more environmentally conscious, knowing our skin, and focusing on inner beauty. On behalf of The Probelle Team, we wish you a happy, safe, and healthy new year. Thank you for being a part of the Probelle Family!
See you in 2019!
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