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About Us

Probelle was brought to the market in 2013 by CEO and founder, Leon Kohn. The brand, along with two others, falls under the Cosmetics LK umbrella. Prior to the founding of Probelle, Cosmetics LK was Kohn’s first business. Solely dedicated to the distribution of beauty products from 2007 to 2017, Cosmetics LK grew to become a mega-distributor, offering 200+ brands across the USA.  It was through this experience that Kohn was able to follow his dream of formulating products to help consumers achieve and maintain their beauty goals using healthy and effective products.
Probelle’s first product line was in nail care. In 2013, Kohn’s mother was suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis. She reached out to him for help with nail growth products because the medicine she was taking was affecting her nail growth. Being a distributor of over 10 different nail growth treatments, he gave his mother every one of them. Her condition remained unchanged. Since none of the products worked, Kohn developed his own. The first two products, known as Formula 1 and Formula 2, were a nail growth and repair system. The “Nail Hardener (Formula 1)” and “Nail Maintenance (Formula 2)” are a 2-step system that focuses on restoring and repairing damaged nails in just weeks.
In continuation with a focus on bringing healthy beauty products to the market, the antifungal collection was added in 2015. "My grandmother wore acrylics on her fingernails for over 20 years. The fungus had developed on every nail. After studying the condition and how common it was, my team and I developed an antifungal collection that is all natural, non-toxic, non-lethal, and effective. My grandmother was our first test subject and within weeks her nails were restored to natural nails, so she no longer had to hide them under the acrylics”, says Kohn. Today, Probelle offers a wide array of solution-based products in both nail care and foot care. “Our team is constantly developing products that are innovative and important to continue following our mission.
Probelle’s mission is to Healthify Your Beauty” by creating healthy beauty products that will contribute to raising the standard of what is healthy in this country and breaking the status quo. Probelle’s mission is kept through continued ingredient awareness, offering solution-based beauty products, and by working only with suppliers that have a high level of corporate social responsibility. In keeping with that mission, Probelle continues to bring only to market what is effective, healthy, and sustainable for its’ consumers.
The Probelle Team