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Nail Care Bundle

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Anti-Bite is a base coat and stand-alone solution that nourishes nails while deterring thumb sucking, cuticle-biting & nail-biting habits. Formulated with Vitamin A, E, & Sunflower Seed to condition & nourish the nail while Marine Algae, Nettle Extract & Horse Chestnut create an extreme, bitter, off-putting taste.

Natural Fungal Nail Liquid Treatment

A natural liquid topical treatment that penetrates the nail (even with polish) to breakdown & eliminate fungus. Affected nail will restore back to its original state while formula works to relieve discomfort or irritated skin naturally. Uncented and colorless for a smooth application.

Nail Hardener Formula 1

A base coat or stand-alone treatment that hardens nails using a unique formula, it strengthens damaged, weak nails for ultimate growth. Reduces splitting, breaking, & peeling. Simultaneously, Formula 1 leaves nails with a natural-looking, sheer white finish for a manicure ready look.